Monday, December 27, 2010

Taking a Flashback : 2007 Oz Trip

Now I'll share my traveling experiences.
In 2007 I went to Australia for a 3 months holiday. I went to several states on a road trip. I really enjoyed it and I hope this might inspire you in deciding your holiday destinations.

PART 1 : Adelaide (South Australia)

"Rundle Mall" at the City of Adelaide

Victoria Park at the heart of Adelaide's Business central

 "Old Hahndorf" is the German migrants village

 "Torrens River"

"Glenelg Beach"

 "Cleland Wildlife Park"

Me and my hubby meet and greet with Mr.Koala

PART 2 : Melbourne 

"Yarra river"

Winter at Mt. Buller

Snowboarding at Mt.Buller

The city at night in Melbourne

Another ladies spot in the city

City Shopping

Mornington Beach at Victoria

PART 3 : Sydney
Opera House

City view

Harbour Bridge

Opera house at night

Me and my hubby at our favorite market

Grilled Lobster with cheese & mayonnaise, yummmyy..

Night Shopper

Sydney "the busy city"

The road trip partners, my sist & friends


  1. wow... seru bgd jalan2nya.
    honeymoon kah itu?

  2. pengggeeeennn... hehe
    salam kenal, mau tuker link? aku pasang duluan yah dan sudah ku follow.. :) makasih

  3. aih kakak bkin ngiler aj,jd pngn kesana..indah bgt y kak??salam kenal y kak

  4. what a fun trip ya.. bisa ke banyak tempat..