Thursday, December 16, 2010

Me and My Family Favorite Japanese Restaurant

This time my posting is about my culinary experience at
ori Japanese Restaurant

They serve authentic japanesse food, as my husband said that it taste acctualy the same as if u were eating in Japan.
This is one of our favorite. My parents assume that japanesse food is healthy, because they don't use too much oil (not to mention tempura of course,hahaa)
Look at some of what we ordered, of course beside ramen/udon and sushi :)

 Midori and The Hot Ocha

Sashimi small set (Salmon, Tuna, Crab stick and Squid)

"Gyu Tan" beef tongue butter sauce served with miso soup and rice

"Soba" the Cold Noodles served with tempura

Midori Pondok Indah


  1. Mba Tan..restoran ini di pim brp? Mau nyoba ahh..makasi rekomendasi nyaa :D

    Oh iya, mba tan dapet award dr aku, diambil ya di blog ku :)

  2. ini di ruko2PIM wulan, ruko yg ada bersih sehatnya.. coba deh :) enaaakkk.. hehee..

    siippp merapat ke tkp langsuung.. makasii ya lan :)